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Daily links 2015-07-02

Codepens A huge pen you just need to see! CSS3 Coin gradients are awesome! Design How to design for effective navigation. Designing with real data. How to fix bad design. Is material design a design science? Awesome examples of form design. HTML Help your users completing forms faster with auto-fill. Test your web development skills! […]

Daily links 2015-06-30

CSS Some sweet CSS magic. Useful flexbox alignment. A Look at Some CSS Methodologies. Writing good CSS. Javascript Angular.js What are the pros and cons of Angular? Top mistakes Angular developers make, part 5. Ecmascript 6 The final syntax of ES6. General What can we expect from Javascript in the future? Javascript animations. Writing fast […]

Weekly links 2015-06-14

Codepens It’s Kirby! CSS, SASS A simple and great article about using box-shadow. Thinking outside the box (model). Creating a raindrops effect. Test your CSS knowledge with these 15 questions. Flipping effect with CSS. General Can programming help against Alzheimer’s? Design Animation Right of the bat, an amazing article about designing animations. We’re not stopping […]