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Daily links 2016-06-16

  Angular.js Angular.js – The best parts CSS Advanced CSS selectors you didn’t know about Stylelint is for CSS linting what ESlint is for Javascript Ecmascript 6 6 Great ES6 tips General Writing maintainable Javascript Motion detection in Javascript Learning to code the right way The basics of the modern button React.js Performance optimization for […]

Daily Design links 2016-03-30

  General What is front-end? In defense of homogeneous design Inspiration 14 new sources for designers to get inspired Mobile design 11 great mobile design tutorials Responsive design A responsive guide to type sizing Usability Some free ways to test usability UX 7 tips for better UX Some great UX examples 5 tips for effective […]

The strange case of IE9 un-clickable button

Today I’m working on with IE9 & IE10 bugs. I noticed that some buttons were not clickable in IE9, but they were in IE10. Looking around in the HTML I also noticed that the markup was correct. While hovering my mouse cursor over the buttons, I saw the cursor change from default, to pointer and […]

Daily design links 2016-02-15

General What’s a full stack designer? Create better CTA-buttons Designing for the human brain 12 web trends to check out in 2016 5 killer design trends in 2016  More design trends this year Navigation It’s time to create better navigation Better navigation for the mobile web Tools 10 great HTML tools for web designers Usability […]

Daily codepens 2016-02-09

Codepens Books in CSS Awesome CSS clock concept Perfect CSS clock MacBook pro in pure CSS SVG ball Squishy CSS buttons Hyperspace in CSS Pure CSS space shooter Street fighter demo! Something beautiful Breaking bad logo! Pure CSS bending effect     Please follow and like me:

Daily links 2015-12-11

Codepens Great loader example Design General Fundamentals of one page design How designers can better work with developers UX UX tips from a drunk persons point of view  Javascript Angular.js Advanced design patterns and best practices in Angular.js Adaptive web design in Angular.js 15 great tools for Angular.js developers Checkboxes and radio buttons in Angular.js […]