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Daily links 2015-07-16

Codepen Check out these amazing codepens! Pretty cool SVG animation. Fireworks! CSS Cool tools for animation. Design General The 10 commandments of visual communication. Check out this amazing site for inspiration! Dealing with notification overload. What is important for a true UX tool? New trends so far! Javascript Angular.js Understanding $on, $broadcast and $emit. Some […]

Daily links 2015-07-15

CSS General What are block formatting contexts in CSS? Shapes in web design. Design General How to design in the browser. Designers and developers need to work together. Compositional balance, symmetry and asymmetry. Some web design mistakes. Re-imagining the web design process. Minimalism vs ornament. What is disruptive Interaction design? Can designers learn from games? […]

Daily links 2015-07-14

Hey everyone. First of all. Sorry for not posting this Monday, but hey, I’ve got a new announcement and a bit of a “I’m sorry” gift. First of all, instead of posting roughly 15 links a day, I’ll expand to at least 24. Second of all. Since I “missed” this Monday, I’ll compensate by posting […]

Daily links 2015-07-10

CSS An official guide to CSS by Trello. Understanding block formatting contexts. Design How to design in the browser. How designers and developers can work better together. Great tools for testing responsive web design. Common web design mistakes. Reimagening the web design process. 30 websites doing parallax right. Is safari the new IE? Javascript 11 […]

Daily links 2015-07-09

Codepen A collection of awesome pens! Design 5 huge mobile design trends. Designing for all senses. How to make your sites more accessible! 10 design trends for this year. What is minimalism? Creating accessible foot notes. Javascript Argumented reality in the browser. Test your Javascript skills! Improving Javascript performance. More tips on improving performance. Angular.js […]

Daily links 2015-07-08

Design 10 tips on becoming a great designer. Designing for human behaviour. 15 websites that know how to use typography. Should you be a full stack designer? Obvious always wins. Designing for color blindness. Animation and design. Is responsive design failing UX? Javascript Angular.js Should you use Angular 2.0 or 1.x? 18 great Angular directives. […]

Daily links 2015-07-07

Design Designing for the human memory. UI design principles and guidelines. 7 annoying usability mistakes. Javascript Angular.js Infographic on Angular isolated scope. Improving Angular performance. Understand filters in Angular. Ecmascript 6 Iterators and generators in ES6. How to use let in Javascript. General How to write high quality Javascript. Understanding Javascript prototypes. 6 high level […]

Daily links 2015-07-06

CSS Animation Are javascript animations faster than CSS? Codepen A new take on circular loaders. Design Do you really know what UX is? Designing with balance. Javascript Ecmascript 6 Debugging promises in ES6. Video introduction to ES6. Linting in ES6. General Non blocking quick sort in javascript. Improve your javascript skills. jQuery 20 interview questions […]

Daily links 2015-07-03

CSS General On writing good CSS. Design General Skills and tools every designer should have. Awesome responsive design examples. Tips for parallax website design. Usability Avoid these common usability mistakes. Javascript Angular.js Some tools for Angular developers. Is Angular only for single page apps? General Watermarking images and videos! Learning You don’t know JS. An […]

Daily links 2015-07-02

Codepens A huge pen you just need to see! CSS3 Coin gradients are awesome! Design How to design for effective navigation. Designing with real data. How to fix bad design. Is material design a design science? Awesome examples of form design. HTML Help your users completing forms faster with auto-fill. Test your web development skills! […]