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Daily codepens 2016-02-08

Codepens Flexbox demo A rotating thing Customizable rainbow Amazing canvas art Great SCSS grid Awesome CSS loader Cute bell animation Cute thing Mona Lisa in pure CSS Netflix should buy this login concept Rotation and scale demo Amazing parallax orbs Please follow and like me:

Daily codepens 2016-02-03

Codepens SVG diamond Great animation CSS pac-man A vortex Assassins creed logo in SVG CRT pong animation 3D solar system in CSS CSS ghost Lady bug following mouse CSS octopus bathing Cool cartoon planet animation Awesome animation Please follow and like me:

Daily links 2016-02-03

CSS Tools Great tool for creating CSS clip paths Design Flat design A guide to flat design Icons Are icon-fonts a bad idea? Responsive design Tips for responsive design General 7 ways to improve site performance Javascript Angular.js When should Angular.js 2 be used? Console How to print images to browser console Ecmascript 6 10 […]

Daily codepens 2016-02-02

Codepens Particle mesh Cool card trick I don’t even know what this is, but I like it Cool lance Great hover effect Click to wink Halo, move your mouse! Brain room from Space Odyssey Gears Pirate skull in CSS Self generating wireframe Eye following the mouse Please follow and like me:

Daily links 2016-02-02

CSS Animation An introduction to sprite animations How to use animations to improve UX Databases SQL vs NoSQL Design Fonts Best way to use fonts Layout What should come first, layout or content? UI 7 rules for awesome UI Javascript Angular.js Can you use Angular.js with React.js? General Closures in Javascript Node.js What is async/await? […]

Daily codepens 2016-02-01

Codepens Awesome rainbow demo! A great pen which looks like a solar eclipse A nice view animation A clock  See the Pen clockJS by Werr Adams (@werr-adams) on CodePen. A working piano prototype  Cool tanuki logo  SVG loading circle  Changing ship  Awesome Batman animation Particle gravity  Molten metal  Cool logo animation  Please follow and like […]

Daily links 2016-02-01

Design General Is design a conversation? Create better icons in no time Is consistency important in web design? is infinite scrolling a bad idea? UX Is infinite scrolling bad for UX? General Should you change your browser to vivaldi? Git A great git chaeet sheet Javascript Angular.js How to build a minesweeper clone in Angular.js and […]