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Weekly links 2015-06-14

Codepens It’s Kirby! CSS, SASS A simple and great article about using box-shadow. Thinking outside the box (model). Creating a raindrops effect. Test your CSS knowledge with these 15 questions. Flipping effect with CSS. General Can programming help against Alzheimer’s? Design Animation Right of the bat, an amazing article about designing animations. We’re not stopping […]

Weekly links 2015-06-03

Code pens This coffee machine animation blew my mind. An amazing, animated 3D dice. This code pen has some amazing animations! A 3D solar system. A Mars landing with a twist. The avengers with an angry Hulk. SVG Pacman. How a submit button should look like. Animated statistics. This is just trippy. 3D walking robot. […]

Weekly links 2015-05-18

After a too long of a break, the weekly links are finally back! Android 8 awesome plugins for android studio! CSS What are clip paths? CSS4 selectors CSS graphic effects Design What’s responsive branding, and should you start caring about it? Affordances: The Designer’s Secret Weapon Netflix on design 7 habits every designer should know […]

Weekly links 2014-11-17

Angular.js: Does banning ng-controller improve angular apps? How to speed up your angular apps. Design/CSS: Style and animate your SVGs with some CSS. The 9 principles of responsive design. How to make your SVGs responsive. I really didn’t know about these 7 CSS units! 10 problems with responsive design, and how to fix them. Do […]

Weekly links 2014-11-07

I’ve decided that the weekly links will be posted on Mondays instead of Fridays. This will enable me to plan my time better and work on other topics. Still, I’ve posted some links below to get you through the weekend. I wanted to post a LinkedIn tutorial this week, but I’ve found some extra useful […]

Weekly links about web development 2014-10-24

Weekly links 2014-10-24: This week, angular.js articles are back and I’ve installed WordPress. Be sure to follow my newsletter or post a comment. I have a great LinkedIn tutorial coming up. I’ve done a lot of research and hope to get it out by the end of next week. Anyway, enjoy this weeks links!   […]

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-17!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-17! Welcome to this weeks post (on time this time around). No angular posts this week, but I make up for that with my book review. Check it out here! Design/CSS Csstyle, a possible aproach to good CSS? Lack skills in icon design ? Not anymore. Animations . How can […]

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-13!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-13! Angular.JS Building arestful api with angular. Use angular and get MEAN Learn angular the interactive way A huge angular JS tutorial Why you should love angular Design/CSS Some responsive design tips Flexbox cheet sheet Animations . How can we use them right? Play around with the flexbox CSS grid […]

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-03!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-03! Feel free to check out this weeks awesome articles, tools and more. Angular.JS A couple of reasons to use angular. Do you make any of these angular misstakes? Comparing angular to Ember & Backbone Learn about angular while playing Super Mario Bros Design Check out this random gradient generator […]