Daily links 2015-06-08

Hi all.

As you may have noticed, I’ve updated my format quite a bit. First of all I’ve structured my posts a bit better. But the second thing is that I’ve really started to research articles for my blog, which means that I’ll be posting on an almost daily basis, with a weekly post summing up all articles posted that week.

I’d be glad if you’d post a little comment if you have any thoughts/criticism on my blog. Also, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter!

I’m also working on getting daily/weekly news about science and research, as well as some book review. We’ll see how that turns out.

I hope you’ll enjoy the links.


A simple and great article about using box-shadow.

Thinking outside the box (model).

Creating a raindrops effect.

Test your CSS knowledge with these 15 questions.


10 awesome books to read for designers.

How to set up a great design studio!

This website blew my mind. Get yours blown away as well. <– Must read for inspiration

Accessibility cheat sheet.

How to kill good design with these 3 UX mistakes.



13 great performance tips for Angular.

11 more performance tips for Angular.

Check out these reasons on why Angular 2 will rock your socks of.

9 reasons why Angular might be the best javascript framework.

15 reasons to love Angular.

How to unit test in Angular.

Angular performance in big projects.


Controlling robots and general IoT? Jupp.

A great article on how to write fluent APIs.


15 canvas libraries you need to check out.


Classes and inheritance in EcmaScript 6



What are code smells? Does your code smell?

Want to know what’s new in javascript? Here’s a list.

Want to create a SPA? Check out these 10 frameworks which will get the job done.

Javascript OOP QNA.

How to create read only attributes in javascript.

Looking for a good image effects library? Pick one of these 15.

How to disable right click in javascript.

Awesome debugging tips for javascript that everyone needs to know <– Must read

Things you need to know about javascript OOP.

Learn javascript, for cats!

3 good reasons to learn javascript.


A spell checker plugin for jQuery.

Here are 10 cool tutorials for those who want to learn jQuery.


Javascript TDD with Jasmine and Karma.

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