Awesome links for web development 2014-10-03!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-03!

Feel free to check out this weeks awesome articles, tools and more.


A couple of reasons to use angular.

Do you make any of these angular misstakes?

Comparing angular to Ember & Backbone

Learn about angular while playing Super Mario Bros


Check out this random gradient generator to get unlimited inspiration. If it generates something tou like, you get the code!


EcmaScript does rock. Get your EcmaScript 6 news here

New string methods every developer should know

Get started with modules here


The pre element. Used to display formated content such as source code. Check out this article for more.


Javascript WTF moments

Javascript classes

are javascript promises just a fad?

Event handlers and this don’t go well together!

Node.js & Express

Custom Error pages

Enhance your node security, I bet you didn’t know there were MORE evals

Get to know the MEAN stack

A huge list of node.js packages and resources

Bower, a package manager

All about javaScript arrays

A good article about async javascript

JavaScript types. Understand them and learn how to do type checking.

Memory efficent and fast? Tell me how.


Tools, Books, Learning & Misc/too lazy

Know someone who wants to be a web developer? This website is amazing in teaching people web development. Extremly interactive!

Are you ready for next years tools/technologies?

using sublime? Then use These 3 essential plugins

30 tools and resources for web devs!

15 libraries for javaScript that developers might enjoy

Free “You don’t know javaScript” book series, which is amazing

Javascript with YUIdoc

10 beautiful fonts for source code.

How to properly write commit messages in git

Huge bootstrap guide

Get started with Backbone

Reproduce jQuery effects in CSS

Developers, check out this list of tools/resources

56 Experts share their beloved front end tools.

Serious cross-platform development tool.

Evernote user? You should check out these alternatives

Beautiful javascript aletrts done right

Knockout vs Backbone. A well written comparison

Building OSX apps with javascript.

Requirejs You might use it, but do you know it?

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