Daily links 2016-10-19


For Developers

Angular.js / React.js

Angular 2 vs react.js: The ultimate dance of

The title says it all, Oh and Eric Elliott wrote it… sooo….. What are you waiting for?


Transition effects with CSS masks

A great tutorial for anyone wishing to dig into CSS masks!

Progressive web apps

The building blocks of progressive web apps

Let’s face it… If you’re not aware of progressive web apps, you’re pretty far behind. But fear not, the article above will get you up to speed!


Why and how to test your pattern library

Well… could there even be a better/more descriptive title? Check it out!


Thing you probably didn’t know you could do with chrome’s developer console

I always love finding new ways to debug my code. I also love finding new ways to interact with my code. If you have at least a bit of passion for what I describe, check out the link above!

For Designers


Breadcrum navigation: Good for website usability or not?

A quick rundown on the pros of breadcrums. Will you get the answer to the question above? No. Will you understand breadcrums better? Meeh. Should you read it? Absolutely


Hero patterns

If you need to find a great repeatable SVG pattern. Look no further.


Your body text is to small

An amazing, truly spectacular article about optimizing text for your users. If you can only read one article today, this one should be it!


8 non-digital tools to add to your UX toolbelt

All great UX tools don’t need to be digital. Check out this list for some great old-school tools you can use that actually make sense!

Everything you need to know about UX sketching

I agree with the statement above… = )

That’s all

Thank for reading todays daily links. Hope you’ve found something useful. If there’s anything you liked / disliked, please do tell me in the comments below.

Oh and please come back tomorrow for more links!

See the Pen #31creepySVGs – 12: Teen Wolf by Nat Cooper (@natacoops) on CodePen.

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  1. sam
      14th February 2017

    Great list – but do you not update your website any more?

    • Marcin
        14th February 2017

      I do still do that. I’ve had some other projects taking up my time, but I was planning on resuming next week. Thanks for your comment!

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