Weekly links 2015-06-03

Code pens

This coffee machine animation blew my mind.

An amazing, animated 3D dice.

This code pen has some amazing animations!

A 3D solar system.

A Mars landing with a twist.

The avengers with an angry Hulk.

SVG Pacman.

How a submit button should look like.

Animated statistics.

This is just trippy.

3D walking robot.

Mickey mouse clock.

A well animated submarine.


The Tardis from Doctor Who.

A sleepy bird.

Day vs night switch.

This is just insane.

Floating diamond thingy.

Awesome horizon.

Playing with magnets.

A cool bacteria.

Building a game boy with just CSS.

X-ray view.


Test drive all the CSS filter effects, and even combine them right here!

Check out these CSS snippets for some responsive menus.

An argument to why we should ditch our pre-processors.

2 column layout with flexbox.

Creating dices with flexbox.

Cool uses of shadows.

What is a css-counter?


Is responsive design a must by now?

Will these design trends rule 2015?

Web designers, are you loosing your passion?

A couple of tips for better UX.

A great guide to web animations!

Why white space is a thing which must be given more thought.

Responsive emails without media queries?

5 great guidelines for web design everyone should consider.

A big list of inspirational web animations.

Scalable vs responsive design.

The science of colors.

This is how you should simplify your web design!

What the hell is immersive web design?

Iconifying content.

What is invisible design?

How to design good forms with these 10 commandments.

Should designers say yes more?

Designing for virtual reality.

Don’t make these mobile UX mistakes.

What does it mean to design with personality?

Why not to disable zoom in responsive design.

Is mobile first outdated?

Is font believing?


How can web designers & web developers work great together?

10 random tools for web designers

Is it time for a SPA-only future?

Absolute vs relative time stamps. When should you use them?

What is the post-screen era?

A bunch of material icons for your use.

Why one might want to use Go.

Web vs native.

A ton of freebies.

SEO cheat sheet 3.0.

Get to know these new image formats.


So what’s the download attribute in a anchor tag?

10 cool HTML tags to check out.

The HTML input accept attribute.

A big list of HTML5 game engines.


10 cool HTML table tools.

Amazing framework for putting javascript challenges right on your page!

Promises and errors.

Basic HTTP requests with node.js.

Get started with functional javascript!

Why and how you should stop using bower.

Preparing for Angular.js 2.

A deep dive into Angular directives.

Creating art with javascript.

Spider instead of javascript?

Mastering the “this” keyword.

Problems with promises.

Learn Javascript and AI, with Javascript.

Unity 3D

5 tips for Unity developers.

Awesome Unity things for every Unity developer.

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