Daily links 2016-10-17


For Developers


Infinite wireframe

A cool canvas example  of an infinite wireframe


The background properties

A great article all about the CSS background properties. It also contains examples.

The State of CSS reflections

An in depth article about the current state of CSS reflections. Strap in for an awesome read!


JavaScript closures explained by mailing a package

A great explanation on how closures in javaScript work.


A step-by-step TDD approach on testing react components using enzyme

Well, I think that the title describes what the article is about quite well!

For designers


Variable fonts, a new kind of font for flexible design

What are variable fonts and what amazing capabilities might they have? A must read for everyone!


75 of the smartest resources for web designers

A huge list including icons, colors and more!

The job of a web designer is changing

But how is it changing? And how does if affect web designers? Find out in the article above!


6 web layout myths busted

What do you assume you have to do when it comes to web layout? Challenge what you think you know!


10 golden rules for responsive SVGs

Get up to speed with responsive SVGs reading the above article!

Final words

So, I’m back from London and will return to my regular posting. Come back tomorrow for more links, oh and the daily pen!

See the Pen Pure CSS Fan by Rafael González (@rgg) on CodePen.

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