Daily links 2016-09-20


For developers


Debugging CSS

How are you debugging CSS? Check out this article for some great tips.


What is a pure function?

I bet you’ve heard about pure Javascript functions, but do you know what they’re all about? Take 8 minutes of your time to know everything you need to know!


How to get Node.js logging right

This article is a great way to rethink the way to log things in Node.js. It gives some best practices, tips and more. A must read for any Node developer.


Writing testable code in Javascript

This article gives you great, short examples on writing more testable Javascript and is worth a quick look through at least!



Learn WebGL fundamentals, lighting and more with up to date resources

For designers



Create amazing CSS filters with this amazing tool!


A nerd’s guide to color on the web

It is nerdy, it is lengthy, it has examples… and it’s a great read!


How to work with SVG icons

An in depth article with everything you need to know about working with SVG icons


When card UI design doesn’t work

A great analysis of card UI design and it’s flaws!


The right way to ask Users for permission

How are you asking users for permissions? Are you even considering it correctly? This article is sure to make you see asking for permission in a whole other way!

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