Daily links 2016-09-19


For developers


Linting SCSS with styleLint

If we can lint Javascript, we should be able to lint CSS as well. Check out the link above to know how to setup styleLint for linting SCSS.

CSS coding techniques

As developers, we tend to write pretty un-maintainable CSS. Check out the article above to fight this!


The front-end developers handbook

Does this one really need a description? Nope. Do you need to check it out? Definitely!


Javascript callback functions

Having troubles wrapping your head around Javascript callbacks? Check out the link above to get up to speed quickly.


Why I use Tape instead of Mocha

A great article about testing, and why the most advanced tools aren’t necessarily the best.


For designers


Web design in 4 minutes

Want to know the bare bone basics of creating a good design, but don’t want to read an entire book? Check out the link above!


6 typography questions every web designer needs to ask

6 essential questions to ask yourself about typography. Oh, and their explained as well!


Common mistakes in UX/UI

A great read about some common UX/UI mistakes and how to combat them!

Buttons in UI Design: The evolution of style and best practices

Do you really think about your button design? This great article made me consider their importance and design more.

How Gamicifaction can improve UX

Basically, explains how Gamification can make your site more fun, engaging and more. A must read.

That’s all folks

What did you think about these articles? Found something useful? Do you agree or disagree with some of the articles? I’d really love to know what you think and if there’s something you’d like me post more about. Please do post a comment below or send me a tweet.

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Take care, and happy coding/designing/studying/hacking/pwning!


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