Weekly links 2015-05-18

After a too long of a break, the weekly links are finally back!


8 awesome plugins for android studio!


What are clip paths?

CSS4 selectors

CSS graphic effects


What’s responsive branding, and should you start caring about it?

Affordances: The Designer’s Secret Weapon

Netflix on design

7 habits every designer should know

Obvious always wins

Is mobile first already dead?


How does a JavaScript developers toolbox look like?

Javascript. The extra good parts (My must read of the week)

Mozilla reintroduces javascript

15 free javascript books!

Improve angular performance

Need to create javascript charts? Here’s 15 libraries to choose from.


Build a spinnable earth in three.js and openGL.

How to stop bots from spamming your wordpress comments!

HTTP requests in Angular.js

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