Daily codepens 2016-02-15



Cool customer feedback page

See the Pen Interactive Customer Feedback Form (For a pet store) by Jamie Coulter (@jcoulterdesign) on CodePen.

Canvas fireworks

See the Pen Canvas Fireworks by Jack Rugile (@jackrugile) on CodePen.

Walter White in SVG

See the Pen WALTER WHITE SVG + CSS animation by Fabio (@FabioG) on CodePen.

Neat animation

See the Pen Field of Tweens – Nested Timelines by Dane Williams (@daddydane750) on CodePen.

Clip path polygons

See the Pen Clip-Path Polygons by Victor Freire (@victorfreire) on CodePen.

Dynamic transform origin

See the Pen Dynamic Transform Origin by Alec Ortega (@alecortega) on CodePen.

Pure CSS select

See the Pen Pure CSS Select by Raúl Barrera (@raubarrera) on CodePen.


See the Pen breakout by Tiffany Rayside (@tmrDevelops) on CodePen.

Cool text hover effects!

See the Pen Demo for sass mixin library for text hover effects by Antonija Šimić (@tonkec) on CodePen.

Let’s make pancakes!

See the Pen NxMWoW by Heart Internet (@HeartInternet) on CodePen.

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