Weekly links 2014-11-17


Does banning ng-controller improve angular apps?

How to speed up your angular apps.


Style and animate your SVGs with some CSS.

The 9 principles of responsive design.

How to make your SVGs responsive.

I really didn’t know about these 7 CSS units!

10 problems with responsive design, and how to fix them.

Do CSS selectors have limits?


An article on why Grunt can be bad for you.


Responsive images in practice. A long and great guide!

Some obsolete HTML5 tags.

Installable web apps? This is pretty amazing.

Did you know that the meta tag could do this?


A nice tutorial on the file api.

A free book about the canvas element.

Screen orientation API.

5 console functions you should check out.


Really simple HTTP requests in pure node.


A cool little hover effect idea.

Making flip books with HTML5.

The Mozilla  Firefox dev browser is here!

Test your sites responsiveness here and here.

A good guide on how to Google like a pro.

How to speed up your websites.

An awesome slideshow about HTTP 2.0. A must read!

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