Weekly links 2014-11-07

I’ve decided that the weekly links will be posted on Mondays instead of Fridays.

This will enable me to plan my time better and work on other topics.

Still, I’ve posted some links below to get you through the weekend.

I wanted to post a LinkedIn tutorial this week, but I’ve found some extra useful information that I need to go through.


How to mock dependencies in angular tests.

Building a multiplayer game in angular.

Get started with Yeoman for angular.

What’s coming to angular version 2?


A collection of different full screen CSS3 menus for your inspiration.

Three laws of interaction design that everyone should consider, explained in detail.

See how SASS can help you get object oriented when writing CSS.

A cool example of a CSS3 flip switch.

The history of the Hamburger menu.

Designing for large screen smartphones.

Best practices for responsive design.


A Grunt tutorial.


Get to know the HTML5 elements menu and menuitem


Prepare for ecmascript6’s new number methods!

New function syntax is coming with ES6.

start using ecmascript 6 today!


The future of jQuery.


A huge, and great article on how to make web apps more native-like.

A great tool for generating colour schemes!

Pair programming. Why bother?

So… Internet explorer 11 the most popular browser?

A cool website if you need some extra inspiration.

Mozilla is planning a “webdev” browser.

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