Daily links 2015-07-16


Check out these amazing codepens!

Pretty cool SVG animation.



Cool tools for animation.



The 10 commandments of visual communication.

Check out this amazing site for inspiration!

Dealing with notification overload.

What is important for a true UX tool?

New trends so far!



Understanding $on, $broadcast and $emit.

Some mistakes Angular developers make.

A couple of cool Angular libraries.

Ecmascript 6

Abstract classes in Javascript!


Keeping your skills up to date.

The ultimate guide to responsive images.

Can we load pages even faster?

Essential Javascript links.

10 great libraries for your next project.

A neat Javascript style guide.

A cool game in Javascript.

Are there problems with promises?

Learn Angular at these sites!

Why you should code every day.

Creating hash tables in Javascript.

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