Daily links 2015-07-14

Hey everyone.

First of all. Sorry for not posting this Monday, but hey, I’ve got a new announcement and a bit of a “I’m sorry” gift.

First of all, instead of posting roughly 15 links a day, I’ll expand to at least 24.

Second of all. Since I “missed” this Monday, I’ll compensate by posting the new format, 2X today. Meaning 48 great links. So, let’s get going!

Codepen/show of

A fun parody of today’s modern websites.

This website is just INSANE!

Physics and animations.

A cool pure, working CSS calculator.

Amazing and cute sneezing dragon.

Make emoji links?

A huge cheat sheet for HTML5.


How to make CSS only animation of portals!


Flat design

25 examples of great flat design.

What’s the difference between flat and material design?


7 design flaws that are a mess!

5 rules for better design!

Almost never use drop down menus.

Color psychology and design.

Can inconsistency be a good thing?


A guide for creating logos.

Material design

What is material design lite?

Responsive design

What’s next for responsive web design?


How to create amazing 3D typography.


What is zero UI?

Instantly recognizing bad UI.

Do’s and dont’s of UI design by Apple.



How to speed up Angular.

What are the differences between ng-if and ng-show?

Learn Angular in a fun way.


The Game Pad API.

What is the fetch API?

Using camera and video.


How to optimize canvas animations.

Ecmascript 6

What are decorations in ES6?

Functional Javascript

How to use recursion in Functional Javascript.


Are one line functions a good thing?

Using just vanilla Javascript?

TDD part1 and part2.

Things every Javascript developer need to know.

Setting default values correctly in Javascript.

Find out if you should learn Javascript!

Javascript basics and guidelines.

Merge arrays in Javascript.

Javascript the right way.

Do you need a javascript code guide?

Does Javascript training suck?


Handlebars for noobs.


10 tools every web developer should know exist.


Node vs PHP. Who wins?

Why is Node becoming the next big thing?

Best practice for Node.

Web Assembly

Is web assembly the future of web programming?

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