Weekly links about web development 2014-10-24

Weekly links 2014-10-24:

This week, angular.js articles are back and I’ve installed WordPress. Be sure to follow my newsletter or post a comment.

I have a great LinkedIn tutorial coming up. I’ve done a lot of research and hope to get it out by the end of next week.

Anyway, enjoy this weeks links!



Unit testing in angular.

Speed up angular with these easy tips!

Angular apps with Flux.

Build a Reddit clone with Angular.

Angular.js under the hood. Part 1 & part 2


What’s Apples take on Hamburger Menus?

CSS you probably didn’t know. A must read!

Why typography matters.

Design documentation. Does it matter?

CSS print files, are they slowing down your website?

Sketch, the A to Z.

5 tips for young designers and 5 tips for freelancers.

Grid layouts. Are you making these mistakes?

An amazing parallax scrolling article.

CSS box shadows. A great overview/tutorial.

Icon fonts vs SVG. A comparison.

What should the homepage say to the user?

Nine traits that every serious designer should have.

What is reactive design, and why should web designers care?

How to design a great landing page.

So, I heard you guys like infographics.

A how to on CSS gradient borders.

Firefox OS:

Get started building Firefox OS apps!


Android and Chrome are good for HTML5.

Responsive images, a great guide.

Responsive images for Retina displays.

HTML6 (No joke…):

W3C finally agreen on the <carousel> tag.


Seven very specific visualization libraries. Really like the timeline one.

Dynamic SVGs with React.js.

A better workflow for SVGs.

An intro to the speech synthesis API.

A nice React.js overview.

Nunjucks, A new templateing engine.

Ecmascript6 Set vs WeakSet.


Freelancers of all kinds (mostly WordPress), here are 23 tools you might want to use.

A lot of good cheet sheets for web designers and developers.

ProgressBar.js. Use responsive SVGs to create progress bars.

The state of Grunt. A must read!

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