Daily Udemy deals 2015-07-12

As you may have noticed, I really enjoy learning new things. This can be seen in my blog posts,but also browsing my Linked in profile.

Obviously, there are a lot of ways to learn new things. Reading articles, youtube videos and so on.

But, the way I like learning the most is through Udemy.

Udemy is an interactive video learning tool whit a lot of cool features, such as quizzes, course forums and so on.

What I enjoy most about it is that each course has it’s small little community, and hey, when your’e done

with a course, you get a little cool certificate you can show of.

Because I enjoy Udemy so much, I’ll start posting course deals which I find interesting. If you are interested

in what you see, just click the image to go to the deal.


Personal Branding: How to Brand Yourself with a Blog


How to brand yourself on your blog in a really good way.


Photoshop Design – How to sketch like an industrial designer



As the title points out, this is a course on sketching like a pro.

iOS 8 Mobile App Design: UI & UX With Adobe Photoshop (2015)

20 Design iOS apps with Photoshop.


The Complete Apple Watch Toolkit: Ultimate App Maker Package










Always wanted to make something for the apple watch? Here’s your chance!

Game development

Unity 5 + Javascript + C#: Create Your Own Games

course1This course is a short introduction course for anyone interested in Unity 3D development.

The aim of the course is to get you acquainted with Unity 3D by building a simple scene with character movement.

Unity 3D – Game Development For Beginners


This course is a bit more advanced than the one above. It touches in networking path finding and more.

Learn SpriteKit for OSX in 1 Hour!


This course is about creating games in Swift and SpriteKit. Oh, and did I say it’s completly free?

Become a 2D Game Developer for Android In No Time!


A nifty little course on Android 2D development. So if you’ve always wanted to make android games, check it out!

Make a Platform Game and Learn to Code with GameMaker Studio


A huge course on making a platformer game in GameMaker studio!

Unity3D Professional 2D Game Development From A to Z









A great looking course on fundamental 2D game development in Unity 3D.
Keep in mind that this course uses Unity 3D 4.6 and not 5+.

Office tools

The Ultimate Microsoft Excel 2013 Training Bundle – 19 Hours


Over 20 hours of everything you need to learn Excel 2013. What’s not to like?


C Programming: Step-By-Step Tutorial with Example Programs



A cool course if you want to get started programming in C. 

Learn Python GUI programming using Qt framework



This huge course goes through a lot of GUI programming in python. And it’s free!

Mobile App Development with Android (2015)


This is a MASSIVE course on android programming. Over 40 hours!

Learn to Make Android Apps – for Absolute Beginners


This course is not as immersive as the one above, but at least it’s free!

SQL – Beyond The Basics


A course for anyone wanting to improve their SQL knowledge.

Learn Universal Windows Apps: Create Apps with XAML And C#


Learn modern C# development by creating 7 apps.

A Functional Guide : Understanding Functions in JavaScript!


Learn all there is to know about Javascript functions!

JAVA GUI for Beginners – Start to Finish with easy Examples



Improve your Java GUI skills today!

WebServices/REST API Testing with SoapUI

19 Polish up on your REST API skills right here. 

OOP PHP: Object Oriented Programming with PROJECT #1 Course

21 Master Object Oriented programming in PHP.

The Complete Android Lollipop Tutorial -Learn & Make 30 Apps


Spend 18 hours and create 30 Android apps!

Build Web Apps with React JS and Flux


Learn to create web apps with React and Flux.

Become a Kick-Ass Web Developer: From Newbie to Pro


I’ve never seen such a huge course about web development. Covers everything!

Learn to make 20 apps in iOS. Learn Swift today!


Why not learn swift and have 20 apps to show your skills for?

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