Weekly links 2015-07-04


A huge pen you just need to see!

An amazing animated lion with a little controllable fan.

An awesome pen with animated weather icons!

A bunch of hover effects.

A nice animated toilet paper roll.

A couple of cool image hover effects.

This reminds me of an old Windows screensaver.



On writing good CSS.

Coin gradients are awesome!

Some sweet CSS magic.

Useful flexbox alignment.

A Look at Some CSS Methodologies.

Writing good CSS.

What is interoperable css?

Do we really need CSS anymore?

5 CSS selectors you should consider using.

Get to know the CSS4 selectors.

What is the content property?

Pure CSS popup with no javascript.


A guide to CSS selectors. Refresh your knowledge or get to know them.

7 things you didn’t know CSS could do.

Some awesome examples of what you can do with checkboxes.



Skills and tools every designer should have.

Awesome responsive design examples.

Tips for parallax website design.

How to design for effective navigation.

Designing with real data.

How to fix bad design.

Is material design a design science?

Awesome examples of form design.

7 design trends to look out for!

Are cards taking over the web?

A guide to design principles.

A cool and different site.

A cool concept that got me thinking about what can be done on the web.

Do we really need designers who can code?

10 UX UI cheat sheets you need to check out.

4 tips on typography.

5 good principles to guide your product design.

What is intuition in design?

Responsive vs adaptive web design.


8 tips on creating your design portfolio.

What can simplicity do for you?


Avoid these common usability mistakes.



12 cool tools for animations.


Help your users completing forms faster with auto-fill.

Test your web development skills!



How to develop accessible websites.


Some tools for Angular developers.

Is Angular only for single page apps?

What in Angular makes for the future of web development?

What are the pros and cons of Angular?

Top mistakes Angular developers make, part 5.

How to build a multiplayer game in Angular.

What’s new in Angular 1.4?

Why is Angular so popular?


Tune your guitar with this awesome audio API web app!

Ecmascript 6

Rest & default parameters in the new version of Javascript.

Next version of Javascript aproved!

Learn Ecmascript 6, with katas!

What are collections?

The final syntax of ES6.

Classes and inheritance in ES6.

What parts of ES6 are supported by Firefox?

What are symbols exactly?

Hos to start using ES6.


5 javascript errors that come from nowhere.


Watermarking images and videos!

This is an amazing clone of the duck hunt game for NES. <– Today’s link

A list briefly describing 10 testing tools for Javascript.

What is fluent Javascript?

Amazing tool for visualizing Regular Expressions.

What can we expect from Javascript in the future?

Javascript animations.

Writing fast and memory efficient Javascript.

Tips on becoming a better Javascript developer.

W3C document about game-pad support.

Can javascript linter mistakes to avoid.

A closer look on javascript object creation.

A collection of good javascript resources.

45 best practices for javascript.

CSS breakpoints in javascript?

Are you optimizing the wrong things?

An awesome javascript style guide!

Is callback hell a myth?


Creating your own jQuery plugin.

A plugin for creating a flip book.

Best plugins for retina displays.


You don’t know JS. An amazing and free book collection.

How W3schools should have been.

Ever wondered how callbacks work? This is the perfect article on it!

What are javascript design patterns?

Learn to code, by playing a game!

A big resource for learning javascript.

Learn ES6 with this short article.

How can we listen to animations in javascript?

How to increase your page performance.

What tools do you typically find in a web developers toolbox?


Speech recognition in Javascript!

Detect a texts language in Javascript.

Create amazing animations with Rocket.

5 Javascript APIs’ every developer should consider for mobile.

How to choose your framework!

Dynamic.js, physics based animations.

Need to create tool tip style toolbars?

Sick of Power Point? Check out deck.js.

10 libraries for timelines!

Need touch gestures on your page? Check out this library.

What is famous? Well, something you need to check out!



Tips on working with node.js.

Node.js foundation has been launched by the Linux foundation!

Remove a bunch of unused CSS automatically.

Is there a problem with the node community?

Stop doing these things with node!

How to debug node.js memory leaks!

Node merges with IO.js!

A simple crypto framework for Node.js.

10 great reasons to use Node.js.

Test your REST API with Chakram.


Tips on keeping your websites thin and fast.


A great example of SVG done right.

A great article explaining SVG with some tips and tricks.

A must see for all SVG fans.

Some cool SVG filters.


How to write unit tests for existing code.

Testing javascript event handlers.


Create a REST API with restify.

5 tips for javascript developers.

What is the fetch API?

How does inheritance in javascript work?

How to become a great javascript developer!

How do classes work in javascript?


A mobile validation tool from W3C.

Web assembly

First of all, what is web assembly?

And also, why do we need it?

What does web assembly mean?

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