Awesome links for web development 2014-10-17!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-17!

Welcome to this weeks post (on time this time around). No angular posts this week, but I make up for that with my book review. Check it out here!


Csstyle, a possible aproach to good CSS?

Lack skills in icon design ? Not anymore.

Animations . How can we use them right?

Don’t get left behind. Get to know these new CSS features!

SASS grids. Choose the right one for you.

A magnificent article on video backgrounds. Pros and cons. Who’s using it and more.

CSS specificity. Do you know how it truly works?

Things you might want to think about when writing SASS plugins

20 years ago, this little CSS proposal was published

Object oriented CSS. But how?


The history API. What, why and most importantly, how?


A tool for responsive images. Use this library for less frustration.

A short and sweet atricle on dates and time in javaScript

Draw beautiful things in the canvas. A great tutorial.

Range sliders. The difference between onChange and onInput.

Navigation timing API. What is it and how can it improve your sites performance?

A great article on detecting scroll position.

Tools, Books, Learning & Misc/too lazy

A new type of GIFS. A boost GIFS deserve.

The future of the web?

New Firefox version out!

HTTP v 2.0? Yes please!

Simple and responsive charts?

My top javaSctipt podcast to follow! Five minutes of javaScript

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