Daily links 2015-06-16

Another big update for the blog

I guess that some of my reader don’t have the time to read through all my descriptions and/or the summaries in all the articles I read.

Because of this, I’m introducing a new segment on the blog.

Below I’ll be posting Youtube clips, hopefully as short as possible, where I’ll go through the daily/weekly links in short, while trying to give you the following:

– What is this link about?

– Who would be interested in reading it?

Hopefully it will give you a better experience on my blog, and won’t have to read a long text like this again.

Now, without further ado, here are this days daily links!

Contains 100% unscripted parts and some Swenglish. Lesson. Learned…


A couple of cool image hover effects.

This reminds me of an old Windows screensaver.


A cool concept that got me thinking about what can be done on the web.



What’s new in Angular 1.4?

Why is Angular so popular?


Need to create tool tip style toolbars?

Sick of Power Point? Check out deck.js.

In depth

Ever wondered how callbacks work? This is the perfect article on it!

What are javascript design patterns?


Learn to code, by playing a game!

A big resource for learning javascript.

Learn ES6 with this short article.


How can we listen to animations in javascript?

How to increase your page performance.

What tools do you typically find in a web developers toolbox?


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