Daily links 2015-06-15


Get to know the CSS4 selectors.

What is the content property?

Pure CSS popup with no javascript.


Do we really need designers who can code?

10 UX UI cheat sheets you need to check out.

4 tips on typography.

5 good principles to guide your product design.

What is intuition in design?

Responsive vs adaptive web design.



12 cool tools for animations.


A collection of good javascript resources.

45 best practices for javascript.

CSS breakpoints in javascript?

Are you optimizing the wrong things?

An awesome javascript style guide!

Is callback hell a myth?


What are symbols exactly?

Hos to start using ES6.


A plugin for creating a flip book.

Best plugins for retina displays.


10 libraries for timelines!

Need touch gestures on your page? Check out this library.

What is famous? Well, something you need to check out!


A simple crypto framework for Node.js.

10 great reasons to use Node.js.


Test your REST API with Chakram.


How to write unit tests for existing code.

Testing javascript event handlers.

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