Awesome links for web development 2014-10-13!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-13!


Building arestful api with angular.

Use angular and get MEAN

Learn angular the interactive way

A huge angular JS tutorial

Why you should love angular


Some responsive design tips

Flexbox cheet sheet

Animations . How can we use them right?

Play around with the flexbox

CSS grid layout by example

CSS guide lines

A short article on optimizing CSS

Responsive design does not equal good UX

10 principles of good design

An angular tutorial in 10 000 words


Cheet sheet!.


Need key codes in javascript? Press a key and get the result instantly

10 things you should know about JS

Javascript best practice

10 awesome libraries you should know of.

A lot of tips and best practices

Tools, Books, Learning & Misc/too lazy

5 programming languages predicted to die out.

Foundation 5 cheet sheet

A collection of cheet sheets. Growing!

A good,.responsive lightbox

Free “You don’t know javaScript” book series, which is amazing

Check out the new Chrome version

Try codeschool for free! 2 days only.

Loaders loaders loaders!!!

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