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Daily links 2015-12-14

Codepen Cool SVG animation Design Color Colors in web design General Web design trends for 2016 9 annoying things designers do UX Is User experience brand experience? General TV controller API Remove render blocking Javascript from your code Running a Google design sprint  Javascript Angular.js Learn Angular.js today General TypeOf in Javascript jQuery Tips for […]

Daily links 2015-12-11

Codepens Great loader example Design General Fundamentals of one page design How designers can better work with developers UX UX tips from a drunk persons point of view  Javascript Angular.js Advanced design patterns and best practices in Angular.js Adaptive web design in Angular.js 15 great tools for Angular.js developers Checkboxes and radio buttons in Angular.js […]

Daily links 2015-12-10

Codepens Cool ribbon pen Great 3D CSS menu Design General Why is card design so popular with app design? UI Is no UI the new UI? Javascript Angular.js Great tools for Angular.js developers Increasing Angular.js performance Exploring Angular 2 General Why is “new” bad in Javascript? Face proximity detection with Javascript Improve your programming with […]

Daily links 2015-12-09

Codepens Cool cloth animation Javascript Angular.js Testing Angular.js in ES6 15 reasons to learn Angular.js Drag and drop in Angular.js Ecmascript 6 What’s new in Ecmascript6? Frameworks The cost of frameworks General How to disable/enable CSS or Javascript Overview of templating engines How to use the drag and drop API Node.js 10 common mistakes Node.js […]

Daily links 2015-12-08

Codepens An awesome whale in Javascript This codepen is truly mindblowing! Design General Is a grid based view good for your design? How to keep your design from being generic Javascript Angular.js How to debug someone else’s Angular code Some information about Angular  Angular internals in depth Ember 2 What are components in ember? Frameworks […]

Daily links 2015-12-07

Codepens A cool cube animation Databases NoSQL What is NoSQL and what are the benefits? Design UX How to keep UX simple Javascript Angular.js Get to know Angular directives some more Angular 2 router overview Will Angular 2 rock? Framworks Best frameworks for voice control! Functional Javascript What is currying? General What is the future […]