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Daily links 2015-11-26

Design General Why following design trends can be a bad idea Icons Is there something wrong with white icons? UI Is no UI the new UI? UX Misused mobile UX patterns General W3C launches web payment working group! Javascript Angular.js Testing in Angular 2 7 reasons why web developers prefer Angular Ecmascript 6 A quiz […]

Daily links 2015-11-25

CSS General Performance in CSS Design Flat design Interesting article about flat design General What are the 9 states of design? What makes a great product design? 10 truths about product design Layout On designing better forms UX Maintaining UX consistency Javascript Angular Anatomy of large Angular apps Ember What are components in ember 2? […]

Daily links 2015-11-23

Codepens Awesome rainbow demo! CSS Animation An introduction to sprite animations How to use animations to improve UX Databases SQL vs NoSQL Design Fonts Best way to use fonts Layout What should come first, layout or content? UI 7 rules for awesome UI Javascript Angular Can you use Angular.js with React.js? Node.js Closures in Javascript […]

Daily links 2015-11-20

Design General Do your links really need a hover effect? Can design make learning easier? How to create a great style guide Typography What you need to know about colors and typography UX What is incremental UX? Javascript Angular.js Promises in Angular The basics of Angular Rethinking Angular controllers General 7 reasons to use the […]

Daily links 2015-11-19

CSS General How to use rem in CSS SASS Flexible animations with Motion UI Design Color Color vs content  Javascript Angular.js Create desktop apps with Angular Debugging Great Chrome console tips! Ecmascript 6 ES6 moves to Github! Knockout.js 7 reasons Knockout.js might interest you Libraries 12 interactive chart libraries Angular vs backbone vs ember  Copy […]

Daily links 2015-11-18

Design Color Psychology of colors General Optimizing the web Javascript Ember.js 8 mistakes when developing in ember.js ES6 Collection of in depth articles about ES6 General Why you should use strict in Javascript 10 questions Javascript developers should be able to answer What is component driven development? Meteor.js 10 reasons to start using meteor And […]

Daily links 2015-11-17

Design General How do mobile users behave? Designing for web vs app Colors in web design General Shadow DOM specification draft Javascript API What is the web notification API? General A good explanation of regular expressions Responsive images Linters What is esLint and why is it good? Node.js Memory leaks in Node Unit test asynchronous […]

Daily links 2015-11-16

Code pens Try this pen out! CSS Animation Which is faster? CSS or JS animations Design General Why do designers think users are lazy? Prototyping Why you never should skip prototyping Responsive design Do you make these responsive design mistakes? Typography How does typography affect UX? Javascript Angular.js The bad parts of Angular General What […]