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Daily links 2015-08-31

CSS CSS VS SVG! Flexible pie charts with CSS & SVG. Design General Break through the bottlenecks of your design process. Can app design hurt app development? What is a designer? Material design Is material design better? Tools 13 tools designers need! Typography 26 typography rules for beginners. Javascript 7 good developer habits. Angular.js Measure […]

Daily links 2015-08-12

CSS Naming all the colors. Overusing media queries? Basics of CSS transform. Design Post mortem of a failed website. What’s it really like to be a graphic designer? How to design for argumented reality. Basic principles for responsive design. What is a full process designer? Javascript Angular.js 10 awesome directives for Angular devs. Ecmascript 6 […]

Daily links 2015-08-10

Codepen A cool text filter. CSS When to use EM vs REM. CSS lessons. How to create better CSS. Design The rise of the “full stack” designer. Web design is not dead. What’s new for designers. Javascript Angular.js A deep dive into Angular 2.0. 5 reasons to use Meteor. General New in Ecmascript 6. Minification […]