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This weeks status

As you may have guessed, no weekly links today. I’ve taken a new step in my career at cybercom group in Malmö, which is really damn awesome BTW, and haven’t had much time to review all the articles this week. Next week I’ll post a huge post with links to make up for this week, […]

Weekly links about web development 2014-10-24

Weekly links 2014-10-24: This week, angular.js articles are back and I’ve installed WordPress. Be sure to follow my newsletter or post a comment. I have a great LinkedIn tutorial coming up. I’ve done a lot of research and hope to get it out by the end of next week. Anyway, enjoy this weeks links!   […]

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-17!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-17! Welcome to this weeks post (on time this time around). No angular posts this week, but I make up for that with my book review. Check it out here! Design/CSS Csstyle, a possible aproach to good CSS? Lack skills in icon design ? Not anymore. Animations . How can […]

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-13!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-13! Angular.JS Building arestful api with angular. Use angular and get MEAN Learn angular the interactive way A huge angular JS tutorial Why you should love angular Design/CSS Some responsive design tips Flexbox cheet sheet Animations . How can we use them right? Play around with the flexbox CSS grid […]

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-03!

Awesome links for web development 2014-10-03! Feel free to check out this weeks awesome articles, tools and more. Angular.JS A couple of reasons to use angular. Do you make any of these angular misstakes? Comparing angular to Ember & Backbone Learn about angular while playing Super Mario Bros Design Check out this random gradient generator […]

2 Unity 2D game development books

Book review, “Learning Unity 2D Game Development By Example” and “Mastering Unity 2D Game Development”. Packt publishing gave me a great opportunity to review these two books at once. It was a very fun experience full of learning, and I thank then for it. Now, on to the review. If I would have reviewed these […]