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Daily links 2015-12-07

Codepens A cool cube animation Databases NoSQL What is NoSQL and what are the benefits? Design UX How to keep UX simple Javascript Angular.js Get to know Angular directives some more Angular 2 router overview Will Angular 2 rock? Framworks Best frameworks for voice control! Functional Javascript What is currying? General What is the future […]

Udemy deals 2015-07-15

App programming A huge and free course about iOS programming. The Complete Android Lollipop Tutorial -Learn & Make 30 Apps Spend 18 hours and create 30 Android apps! Learn to make 20 apps in iOS. Learn Swift today! Why not learn swift and have 20 apps to show your skills for? Design Photoshop Design – […]

Daily Udemy deals 2015-07-12

As you may have noticed, I really enjoy learning new things. This can be seen in my blog posts,but also browsing my Linked in profile. Obviously, there are a lot of ways to learn new things. Reading articles, youtube videos and so on. But, the way I like learning the most is through Udemy. Udemy […]