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Daily links 2016-06-15

Angular.js Native web push notifications with Angular.js 2 CSS The CSS clip path property 5 ways to hide elements in CSS Improve your CSS with Parker CSS pro tips Ember.js Testing responsive ember.js apps General 6 stupid mistakes smart web-developers should make What can go into the tag? Node.js Node.js unit testing tutorial React.js Why you […]

Daily design links 2016-03-31

General Designing with the users context in mind Unintuitive lessons on being a designer General design myths How to work with designers New for designers in March Knowing when to redesign Inspiration 6 great examples of gamification in design UI 10 UI and UX tips Is motion design the future of UI? UX UX buttons […]

Daily design links 2016-02-16

Free Freebies for web designers General Thinking inside the box in web design 10 things every designer should know 10 great design infographics Inspiration SVG porn Patterns What are content & display patterns in web design? Trends What to expect from design this year 11 more web design trends 10 more design trends Typography Some […]

Daily links 2016-02-11

Accessibility The basics of web accessibility Using Ally.js for accessibility CSS Blending mode What is CSS blending mode? Border Using CSS border images General Crazy domino game thingy you have to check out! Top animation frameworks this year Is it important to write readable code? Javascript Angular.js Why it’s important to learn Angular.js 2 How to […]

Daily links 2015-11-23

Codepens Awesome rainbow demo! CSS Animation An introduction to sprite animations How to use animations to improve UX Databases SQL vs NoSQL Design Fonts Best way to use fonts Layout What should come first, layout or content? UI 7 rules for awesome UI Javascript Angular Can you use Angular.js with React.js? Node.js Closures in Javascript […]

Weekly links 2015-10-11

Codepen A great pure CSS progression bar “The world” You need to check out this awesome pen! Awesome background scrolling example CSS Animation How to review CSS animation performance How to debug CSS animations General 8-bit hover effects Make CSS charts Do you need to refactor your CSS? What is the future of CSS layout? […]

Daily links 2015-08-31

CSS CSS VS SVG! Flexible pie charts with CSS & SVG. Design General Break through the bottlenecks of your design process. Can app design hurt app development? What is a designer? Material design Is material design better? Tools 13 tools designers need! Typography 26 typography rules for beginners. Javascript 7 good developer habits. Angular.js Measure […]

Daily deals 2015-07-29

3d modelling Learn 3D modelling in Blender! Learn 3Ds Max! Adobe Learn Illustorator! Design Beginners guide to flat design. Learn responsive web design. Learn gamification! Learn to use Gimp! IT Building a successful IT career. Office Learn over 100 Excel formulas! Programming Arudino Learn Arudino with LabView! CSS Master CSS! Java Automate tests using jUnit! […]

Weekly links 2015-07-11

CSS An official guide to CSS by Trello. Understanding block formatting contexts. Animation Are javascript animations faster than CSS? Codepen A new take on circular loaders. A collection of awesome pens! Design Do you really know what UX is? Designing with balance. Designing for the human memory. UI design principles and guidelines. 7 annoying usability […]

Weekly links 2015-07-04

Codepens A huge pen you just need to see! An amazing animated lion with a little controllable fan. An awesome pen with animated weather icons! A bunch of hover effects. A nice animated toilet paper roll. A couple of cool image hover effects. This reminds me of an old Windows screensaver. CSS General On writing […]