Daily links 2018-06-20

Daily links and resources for developers and designers below Design Website Pop-Ups: The Good, the Bad, and 18 Rules You Should Never Break 15 Tools and Resources That Designers and Developers Are Using In 2018 The Problem with Patterns Smashing Book 6 Excerpt: Bringing Personality Back To The Web The Importance Of Contrast In Interface […]

Daily links 2018-05-02

What is this? The “daily links” is a collection of hand picked articles for web designers and web developers. They will be posted daily (if the time allows). It also features a daily hand picked pen from codepen.io Design How to develop an eye for Design 7 Website Fails Your Business Is Making The Evolution […]

Daily links 2018-04-10

Design Why Small Teams Win Development The Dark Side of Promises Calling all web developers: here’s why you should be using Firefox Increase the Performance of your Site with Lazy-Loading and Code-Splitting Lazy Loading Images and Video What is `forwardRef` in Angular and why we need it Simple Swipe With Vanilla JavaScript Introduction to the […]

Daily links 2018-04-09

Designer Color Contrast Crash Course for Interface Design The Benefits of Embracing Failure Developer Introducing TensorFlow.js: Machine Learning in Javascript What’s New in React 16.3.0 Introducing the react-testing-library The History of React.js on a Timeline Variable Fonts: A simple resource for finding and trying variable fonts Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Pure Function? […]

Daily links 2018-03-01

Developer How to easily create themes with CSS Variables Creating a Sense of 3D With the Perspective Property of CSS3 Patterns for writing manageable CSS without a framework Responsive Vertical Rhythm with CSS Custom Properties and CSS Calc Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript Third party CSS is not safe 11 Things I Learned Reading the […]

Daily links 2018-02-27

Developer Infinite scroll techniques in React Detect and Refactor JavaScript Copy-Paste Code Working Towards Better Naming Single Page Apps with Vue.js and Flask: State Management with Vuex Stunning hover effects with CSS variables Bootstrap Native: Using Bootstrap Components without jQuery Faux Subgrid React.js vs react native vs react VR

Daily links 2018-02-26

Design Navigation Design: Is the Vertical Menu the New Best Practice? 10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips The Best UX is No User Interface at All 5 UX Design Principles That Never Go Out of Style The future of web design Developer How to JavaScript in 2018 Stimulus: A JavaScript Framework for People Who Love […]

Daily links 2018-02-23

Design This design generation has failed A bad design is a result of a vague problem People Don’t Scroll (and Other Page Length Myths) Development 9 Promising Promise Tips Elegant patterns in modern JavaScript: RORO Optional Chaining may be coming to JavaScript Understanding Recursion With JavaScript Mocking with Angular: More than just unit testing Writing […]

Daily links 2018-02-22

Design 5 examples of web animation done right Top web navigation trends 7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design Development Getting started with CSS modules in React Understanding media queries in HTML email Understanding Variables, Scope, and Hoisting in JavaScript Writing Smarter Animation Code NativeScript-Vue 1.0 15 really useful responsive web design tutorials Come back […]

Daily links 2018-02-21

Design Space, size and style Your users are irrational Development Angular 5 tutorial Do we still need media queries? Modern css explained for dinosaurs  A Javascript API for awesome text effects ReactVR equals VR in the browser Debugging CSS performance in Chrome Pen of the day That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for more […]